Optical Communications Laboratory

About the Optical Communication Laboratory

The OCL enjoys an infrastructure that enables state-of-the-art research into optical communications networks from wide area to metro to access networks. Both undergraduate and graduate students can benefit from the most extensive teaching laboratory Teaching laboratoryfor optical communications in North America. This teaching laboratory features over $1,000,000 of optical communications test equipment including optical spectrum analysers, bit error rate testers at 2.5 Gb/s, erbium doped fiber amplifiers, DFB lasers, external modulators, etc. Students can enroll in the following courses that include laboratory experiments

Our facilities include five laboratories, for a total of 90 square meters. All space is a class 10,000 clean room within the new Pavillon d'Optique et Photonique, funded by the Canadian Fond for Innovation. Our 12 Gb/s components and test equipment include among others: semiconductor optical amplifiers from CIP, Covega, Kamelian, Axon and Optospeed,  erbium doped amplifiers, array waveguide gratings, lasers, switches, external modulators, circulators, delay lines, tunable filters, 400 km SMF and DCF, etc. Test equipment includes optical and RF spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, tunable lasers, vector signal generators and analyzers, two 12 Gb/s bit error rate testers, digital communications analyzers, sampling digital oscilloscopes, etc.

Pavillon for Optics and Photonics